Life on the Edge & Life Bucket List

Happy Monday girlies!!!! Today I am not only sharing these edgy outfit details, but my life bucket list as well! I am so excited to share things with y’all that excite me so y’all can get to know more about me. However, I would love to hear all about y’alls as well! Feel free to interact and share!

I am not the type to go sky diving or cliff jumping BUT I feel like I still have some exciting things on my bucket list that I’m sure a lot of girls would agree with so here are my top 10!

My Life Bucket List

1. Visit a circus
2. Go on an African safari
3.Visit Ireland
4. Ride an elephant
5. Visit a pink sand beach
6. See Holland while in Bloom
7. Visit an Ice Castle
8. Visit Alaska
9. Live in Hawaii for a couple of years
10. See the real Niagara Falls



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