Life Update

As many of you may have noticed, I have been quite absent from my blog for quite a while. Running a blog is harder than it seems and can be very time consuming at times and I’m sure any fellow bloggers can relate. With this being said, I decided to take some time off to enjoy myself and ended up taking off way longer then I had planned. However, I am so so happy that I did and here is why…

I just turned 20 on June 14th which means all I am still young, a full time college student, learning about myself, and getting into new things (which I will share more about later in this post). I love having a blog, sharing my style and life, and especially the great community that comes with this industry. But I felt like I needed some time off to focus on myself as well as loved ones around me. With my time off I got to really be present in some great life moments and I am so happy I was able to do that.

As for continuing my blog, I WOULD LOVE TOO!!! I absolutely will come back. I love blogging and honestly plan to tun it into a full time career one day. However, due to the stage of life I am in it is hard to be FULL TIME. So I have decided to blog/post when I have free time to keep up in this amazing community and you guys. Thanks so much for continuous support and love!!

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Becoming an AGGIE!!

My family is FULL of Texas A&M graduates! I have always known the Aggie community is where I wanted to finish my education. Growing up I watched many family members and close friends attend Texas A&M and I always thought “wow, when is it my turn?!?” And let me tell you, my time has arrived. I just finished my first semester and could not be any happier. i love the campus, people, and of course the Aggie spirit. Getting into Texas A&M was kind of a big deal for me and I wanted to make the best of my time during my first semester. Not to mention, a new campus can be kind of scary. I transferred from Blinn Jr. College in Brenham Texas so I was used to a more quaint community and campus. The adjustment wasn’t bad but took some getting used too.

Joining a Sorority

Going into college I knew that I wanted to be involved in something. I wanted to do something that kept me busy when I wasn’t studying or going to class and somewhere along the way I ended up as a DELTA ZETA at Texas A&M University. In the past, joining a sorority always crossed my mind as I loved the idea of it but i never thought that I would actually go through with it. But here I am 🙂 I love being a DZ and have met so many great, amazing, sweet girls. Greek life is for real something to look into if you are a young person heading into college. You get to go to so many fun events, meet some of your BEST friends and be a part of a great organization that may take you further in life than you expect it too.

Beginning a New Relationship

Sooo another reason I have not been to focussed is because well… there’s this boy….

haha no but for real, I recently started a new relationship which I am sure many of you know… that can take a lot of time LOL. Especially since we attend two different schools and are from two different places. He lives in Conroe, TX while I live in Cypress, TX and he attends Sam Houston University. So it is hard to make time to see him during the school year as well as the summertime due to crazy work schedules. He is so sweet and caring though and wish y’all could all meet him personally but for now, hows over the screen? Meet Taylor :))

Wedding Planning & Celebrations

My sister just got married on April 13th!! So I have been really busy with bachelorette parties, wedding showers, etc. I loved being involved and celebrating her love!! We went to San Antonio for her Bachelorette party and she had THREE showers which all turned out so beautiful btw!

Then she got HITCHED!!!

The title is pretty explainable but she finally tied the knot with her high school sweetheart! I was her maid of honor and it was so special to stand by her side while she said I DO! She has been getting settled into her new home with her new hubby and I have enjoyed helping her. I am so happy for my sister and now brother in law! The wedding was such a success and she made the most beautiful bride ever!!


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