All about my Favorite Designer Accessory

When it comes to putting together a look, I always like to try and incorporate a designer piece. I do this for many reasons, one being to create a statement. In this blog post I will be sharing and talking all about one of my favorite designer accessories.

Purchasing my First Designer Piece…

A couple months after I graduated high school, my mom and I took a trip to Dallas. My mom used to own a boutique so we would go up there quite a bit for market. The day we were heading out, we decided to go to Highland Park Village to grab a bite to eat before heading home. If you have not been there, it is the cutest and neatest little square. They have so many yummy places to eat as well as many upscale stores such as Anthropologie, Celine, Fendi, Dior, Valentino, Tory Burch, Hermes, and of course Chanel along with so many more. As we were driving out, I begged my mom if we could go into the Chanel store just to look. I was not planning on purchasing anything as I was about to be a broke college student (LOL)!!! As we walked through the store, I stopped to look at the Chanel studs as I have always dreamed of owning some. A kind lady that worked at the store had then asked if I wanted to try on any. OF COURSE I SAID YES! I tried on a dainty pair that had little pearl detailing. As I put them on my ears and looked in the mirror, I fell in LOVE. The thought never crossed my mind that I may be walking out with them on my ears. As I showed my mom and expressed how much I loved them, she then said “why don’t you use some of your graduation money to buy them?” I remember looking at her thinking she was CRAZZYYY. Long story short, she convinced me and there I was… little 17 year old me walking out of the Chanel store with my first designer item EVER.

What I Love About Stud Earrings… & Why Chanel Studs are the Perfect statement…

I paid around $400 USD for them and I think it was worth every penny. I absolutely love them and find myself wearing them a lot. My favorite time to wear them is when I wear my hair up. I feel like they are such a statement and help to make my eyes pop. One of my favorite tricks is actually wearing some blingy studs or pearls to make your eyes pop. I know that sounds extremely extra and maybe even a little crazy BUT I AM TELLING YOU… IT WORKS. I figured this out in seventh grade and have not gone a day without earrings since! 🙈 Go in the mirror and look at yourself without earrings on, then put on a simple diamond or pearl stud on and just look at the difference it makes. I also find myself picking pictures to post where my earrings are showing versus the pictures where they are hidden behind hair or a certain angle.

Shop Some of my Chanel Earring Picks Below…

All of these items are from Fashionphile which is a sight that sells used designer items. This is a great place to look first when looking into purchasing something designer. Shop the following items by clicking on the image.

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